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  1. All clients must make an appointment. We will not be offering Walk in appointments for the foreseeable future.
  2. When making your appointment you will be asked for your contact number, email address and address.
  3. Please arrive for your appointment on time and no earlier.
  4. Please wait outside until you are asked to come inside.
  5. Please bring as little as possible with you and avoid coats, jackets and bags.
  6. You will be provided with a bag to place all your personal possessions into.
  7. Your will be asked to wash your hands and use the sanitizer provided.
  8. Your stylist will take your temperature upon entry into the salon.
  9. You must wear a mask at all times (unless you have asthma) if you do not bring a mask into the salon, we will provide a disposable mask at a cost of £1.50 or washable reusable mask at £5.00
  10. Your stylist will be wearing clean gloves, a mask and/or visor and an apron.
  11. You will be wearing a disposable gown and we will be using disposable towels.
  12. You will be encouraged to put your own gown on with little help from your stylist your you require assistance.
  13. Your stylist will complete a client information form with you each time you come into the salon.
  14. You must face the mirror during any consultation.
  15. You may remove your mask whilst your colour/highlights are developing, but remain facing the mirror please.
  16. All workstations will be cleaned and sanitized after each client.
  17. All combs and brushes will be cleaned after each client.
  18. We will not be offering any refreshments during your service, although you can bring your own drinks.
  19. There will not be any toilet facilities for clients, unless in an emergency.
  20. You should stay seated or go outside for fresh air whilst you are waiting for your colour treatment/foils to develop.
  21. At the end of your service, we are sure you will be thrilled with your hair, you will be asked to pay at our sanitised till area, by card, no cash payments will be accepted. (other than a tip that can be placed in a box for the stylist) The card payment machine will also be sanitised between clients.
  22. You will be invited to remove your own PPE and put it in the bin.
  23. Your stylist will be responsible for your complete service, from shampooing, colour, wash cut & blow dry.
  24. Each stylist will have her own work area with her own client as social distancing is still paramount to keep everyone safe.
  25. The salon will be cleaned regularly and daily with a deep clean each evening. We will continue cleaning the salon to our usual high standard and use anti-bac spray on door handles, handrails, toilet flushes, taps and other areas of multiple contact throughout the day.
  26. Please do not come to the salon if you feel unwell, have a high temperature, headache, cough or any Covid symptoms.
  27. Please notify the salon if you are diagnosed with Covid19 within 7 days of your service.
  28. Should any of our staff or clients be diagnosed with Covid19 within 7 days of your service, we will use the information in the client information form to notify you.
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